About Us

What is Grateful Goose?

Grateful Goose is a free, online wish list builder for gift-giving occasions like birthdays and Christmas. Grateful Goose provides a great way for family and friends to share things they’d like to have with each other, making it really easy for them to buy something you will really love.

Why was Grateful Goose set up?

Grateful Goose was set up with three aims:

  • To reduce the chances of giving and receiving duplicate gifts
  • To make it easy for family and friend groups to provide inspiration for presents
  • To take the stress out of buying for those who know exactly what they want

How does it work?

  • Simply sign up and create your list on the website, all for free.
  • Use our easy-to-use wish list button to add items to your list from across the web. Find out how to add the wish list button to your browser here.
  • Share your list via email or social networks with friends and family who would like some inspiration, and invite them to create their own list too!

Why should I use Grateful Goose?

  • It’s free
  • You can make your first list in seconds
  • You have complete control over who has access to your list
  • It’s really easy to share with your friends and family
  • You can add any item from any online retailer, as well as your own gift ideas
  • It’s anonymous- if people buy things from your list, we won’t tell you who or what it was. Gifts should be thoughtful and a surprise!

Still have questions?

If you still have questions unanswered, check out the FAQ page. If you can’t find your answer there, feel free to get in touch via the contact us page.